The Best Garage Heaters for Winter

Winter Garage Heaters for Commercial and Residential Use

With fall coming to a close, the bitter cold of winter is just around the corner. For those of us who work in garages at home or on the job, it’s hard to find effective ways to combat the cold.

First of all, garages tend to remain cut off from a building’s heating system. Not to mention, most garages are semi–open spaces, leaving workers exposed to constant wind and cold temperatures.

At Patio Heater Canada, we live Canadian winters firsthand and we understand the challenges of working in a garage in winter. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the best garage heaters in the country. Our infrared garage heaters guarantee both efficiency and effectiveness in even the most extreme temperatures.

Maximum Efficiency with Infrared Garage Heaters

What makes our garage heater selection different from the rest? It all centers around our patent–protected infrared heating technology.

If you’ve ever touched stone or concrete on a sunny day, you probably noticed how they absorb the sun’s heat. Infrared heaters heat surfaces much like the sun warms the earth. They emit radiant heat that gently warms people and surroundings– without the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

While other heaters simply blow hot air that quickly dissipates with the wind, infrared garage heaters effectively heat open and semi–open spaces.


As a result, Patio Heater Canada provides the most fuel efficient heaters. Our selection includes both natural gas and propane heaters in a wide variety of sizes. As fuel prices tend to vary by region, we allow our customers to choose between natural gas and propane heaters.

Finally, our garage heaters are certified for extreme weather, up to –40°C. No matter what the weather, our heaters will keep your garage comfortably warm.

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Whether you need to heat a residential or commercial garage, Patio Heater Canada has the garage heater you’re looking for. Shop outdoor heaters online today!

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