Overhead Gas Patio Heaters

The Benefits of Overhead Gas Patio Heaters

Overhead gas patio heaters are becoming more and more popular each year. Compared to other types of patio heaters,they boast a number of benefits. The advantages of Patio Heater Canada’s overhead gas heaters include practicalities like efficiency and convenciences like easy installation.

Overhead Gas Patio Heaters vs. Free-Standing Heaters

First of all, overhead and wall-mounted heaters eradicate the number one dilemna with patio heaters: floor space! Whether you need a patio heater for small scale residential use or large scale commercial use, floor space is always an issue. For example, in an already crowded restaurant terrace patio heaters pose a problem for both space and safety.

Fortunately, overhead gas patio heaters offer a safe and convenient alternative to free-standing mushroom style heaters. For one thing, most mushroom style heaters require set-up and take-down. Not only does that take up time, but it can lead to potential injury as well as heater damage. Meanwhile, overhead patio heaters from Patio Heater Canada are securely installed and built to last in their outdoor environment. Just one easy installment necessary!

overhead gas patio heaters

Natural Gas vs. Electric Heaters

Patio Heater Canada’s selection of overhead heaters include both natural gas and propane heaters. While electric heaters require a nearby power outlet, gas and propane heaters don’t depend on electricity. Therefore, their location is much more flexible.

Furthermore, natural gas overhead heaters don’t require an electrical cord. That’s a huge safety advantage, especially if your heater is going to occupy an area with heavy foot traffic.

Finally, natural gas and propane heaters are celebrated for two heating fundamentals: efficiency and high output. Their clean-burning, low-cost fuel also provides heaters with the power they need to heat outdoor spaces.

Buy Overhead Gas Patio Heaters Online!

Don’t wait to start heating up your outdoor patio- shop patio heaters online today from Patio Heater Canada! Discover a variety of wall and ceiling-mounted outdoor heaters perfect for your outdoor heating needs.

The Best Natural Gas Patio Heaters

Create your ideal environment with natural gas patio heaters!

Patio heaters are useful to effectively heat in the most bitterly cold temperatures. In fact, Calcana natural gas patio heaters are guaranteed to function in any temperature down to -40°C/-40°F.

But Patio Heater Canada’s selection of outdoor heaters isn’t just for the coldest days of winter! On the contrary, most areas in Canada require outdoor heating all year round. Even in summer, plenty of evenings dip into cool temperatures that could use just a little heating boost with a natural gas patio heater.

Thanks to Calcana outdoor heaters from Patio Heater Canada, you can adjust your outdoor environment to the exact temperature you want! All Calcana patio heaters include a patented remote control, allowing you to adjust the temperature from Hi to Low and anything in between.

natural gas patio heaters

Due to our outdoor heaters’ high efficiency, you can rest assured you’re getting more heat per dollar than with any other heater. Choose between natural gas patio heaters and propane patio heaters, all with the peace of mind that our selection includes only the most efficient outdoor heater models on the market.

For more information about our natural gas patio heaters, please contact Patio Heater Canada. Our friendly and knowledgeable outdoor heater representatives are standing by!

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Efficient Stainless Steel Gas Patio Heaters

Looking for efficient gas patio heaters? Look no further than outdoor heaters from Patio Heater Canada! We offer a wide selection of patio heaters with both natural gas and propane fuel, all available in our online patio heaters shop.

All heaters from Patio Heater Canada include high output radiant heat. In other words, we offer the most efficient heating technology available. Additionally, our heaters are available in a variety of sizes, prices and heat outputs. So, regardless of budget or patio size, we have the heaters you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in efficient gas patio heaters, check out just a few of our models below!

outdoor-heaters02aOur high output PH-40HO 5’ is the perfect size and output for residential patios. Both wall and ceiling mountable, this patio heater is great for making your home patio the coziest place in the house. Includes 304 stainless steel frame. We offer this model in 316 stainless steel as well.

patio-heaters-13Also in 304 stainless, you’ll find our PH-75HO 10′ patio heater. If you have a greater surface area to heat, this outdoor heater will efficiently warm large residential and commercial patios. Additionally, find our similar model in 316 stainless steel.


The Most Efficient Gas Patio Heaters

Not only do our gas patio heaters make outdoor spaces comfortable, but they do so while minimizing heating bills. In fact, our outdoor patio heaters are designed for the highest efficiency. Utilizing propane or natural gas fuel, they run at just pennies per hour.

Most of all, gas patio heaters from Patio Heater USA offer the best outdoor heating at fair prices and high efficiency. That means that any residential and commercial space can enjoy quality outdoor heating.

For further information about our propane and gas patio heaters, please contact Patio Heater Canada. Our representatives are on the line!