Your Outdoor Heater for the Holidays

Get the best outdoor heater this holiday season!

Outdoor heaters are your perfect solution to family reunions, dinner parties and other gatherings. Don’t let the holidays pass by without enjoying the great outdoors.

When it comes to selecting an outdoor heater, Patio Heater Canada is your number one option. We are proud to supply Calcana patio heaters– simply the best outdoor heaters money can buy!

Our client base includes both residential and commercial venues. Residential outdoor heaters give customers the freedom to use their outdoor spaces whenever they want. Enjoy the stars while safe and warm under an outdoor heater!

outdoor heater

In addition, our commercial patio heaters allow outdoor restaurants to function all year round. With Calcana heaters, restaurants can count on a full house– even during the holiday season!

Calcana outdoor heaters are celebrated throughout North America and Europe for both efficiency and high output. Whether you’re a restaurant owner or home owner, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with our heaters.

Shop for your ideal outdoor heater at our patio heaters store. We offer a variety of heater models, varying in size, output and fuel type. Larger spaces such as restaurant patios might require our 10′ heater models. On the other hand, smaller home decks and patios do well with a compact 5′ heater.

While selecting your patio heater model, give us a call for any suggestions, questions for further information. Our friendly and knowledgeable outdoor heater representatives are standing by! For example, depending on fuel prices in your area, you’ll either want a natural gas or propane heater.

Our heaters offer quick assembly, which means that you can start enjoying warmth and comfort in no time. Don’t wait, order your outdoor heater today! Shop now or contact Patio Heater Canada today to start your order.




Efficient Outdoor Heating with Patio Propane Heaters

Warm up your outdoor space with patio propane heaters!

Calcana patio propane heaters are among the most efficient outdoor heaters. But what makes Calcana outdoor heaters stand out from the rest?

Calcana founder John Vancak designed his outdoor heaters specifically with the restaurant industry in mind. Various restaurants approached him asking for a safe, efficient and effective outdoor heating system. As a result, Vancak developed Calcana patio heaters.

Due to their high quality, restaurant owners consider Calcana patio heaters “the best heaters you can buy.” When restaurants invest in Calcana heaters, they know they’re getting the outdoor heating industry’s best product. Our patio propane heaters are long–term investments, reducing heating costs for years to come.

patio propane heaters

Efficient and comfortable outdoor heating with Calcana patio heaters.

Also available with natural gas fuel, Calcana patio heaters provide efficient heating for outdoor restaurants. As a result, restaurants keep their patios open longer, even all year round! On average, restaurants expand their outdoor dining season by 70% with Calcana patio propane heaters.

Whether you choose our natural gas or propane patio heaters, you’re gurananteed to save. In fact, Calcana outdoor heaters save customers 40% or more on heating costs.

Don’t wait to warm up your home or restaurant with Calcana patio propane heaters! Call us at 800–778–6729 or visit our patio heaters store. Start enjoying your outdoor patio today!

Outdoor Patio Heater

Heating solutions with an outdoor patio heater.

When the bitter cold of winter strikes, an outdoor patio heater is essential for outside comfort. And whether you have a residential or restaurant patio, comfort is key to making a space usable. Patio Heater Canada, the official supplier of Calcana patio heaters, is here to assist you with outdoor heating solutions.

A Calcana outdoor patio heater allows restaurant owners all over the world to make the post or their outside dining areas. If you’ve already invested the time, effort and money in building an attractive patio, why let it lie dormant for half the year? Restaurant owners throughout Canada and North America depend on Calcana infrared outdoor heaters for patio heating. An outdoor patio heater drastically extends your dining season and can even keep your patio running all year round!

outdoor patio heater

Calcana infrared heaters for efficient outdoor heating.

For restaurant and residential patios, efficient outdoor heaters are key. Heating costs can be an enormous burden for homes and restaurants alike. That’s why Patio Heater Canada supplies the most efficient outdoor patio heater model on the market. With propane or natural gas fuel, our outdoor heaters run for just pennies per hour.

Don’t vacate your patio for half the year, call Patio Heater Canada for outdoor heating solutions! Enjoy your outdoor space with efficient heaters that run in any weather.

Outdoor Heaters for Restaurant Patios

Invest in outdoor heaters for your restaurant patio!

Looking for a way to drum up business for your restaurant? A Calcana outdoor heater is a perfect way to attract customers to your patio. Calcana patio heaters include a number of features that will keep your diners comfortable and warm.

outdoor-heaters-041With patented protected infrared technology, Calcana outdoor heaters from Patio Heater Canada are the most reliable and efficient on the market. Our infrared heaters provide even, radiant heat that gently warms surfaces and people, not just air. Calcana’s infrared thermal energy is just one of our heaters’ patented features. They’ll continue running efficiently on natural gas or propane fuel, even the windiest cold weather. Also one of the safest heaters available, Calcana outdoor heaters include absolutely no flames or glowing red parts.

Conveniently mount Calcana infrared heaters to the ceiling or wall. Not only does this handy placement directly heat the targeted area, it saves valuable floor space as well. Instead of making room with standing patio heaters, out mounted outdoor heaters allow you to add a table or two to your restaurant patio. Complete with a durable yet stylish stainless steel frame, our heaters tastefully blend with any environment. FInally, Calcana’s patented remote control adjusts the heating temperature to exactly your needs.

Thousands of restaurants throughout Canada have already invested in Calcana infrared outdoor heaters. With quality outdoor heating, restaurant patios can significantly extend their dining seasons. Some even stay open year round! Whether you’re trying to create a comfortable atmosphere in winter or simply chase away the summer night chill, Calcana outdoor heaters are a wise investment for any restaurant.