Commercial Garage Heaters

Staying Warm at Work with Commercial Garage Heaters

Working in outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces is a hard job in harsh Canadian winters. That’s why various industries asked Calcana outdoor heater owner John Vancak to develop the most efficient, long-lasting heater. The result? High-end infrared heaters of a great variety of sizes and fuel types.

Come wintertime, our best-selling heaters are commercial garage heaters. For those who work in garages, whether as a weekend hobby or full-time job, efficient garage heaters are crucial to a good day’s work.

The Calcana Advantage

Calcana commercial garage heaters have a number of practical advantages to other brands. First, our heaters are wall and ceiling mountable. In other words, they take up no floor space, with no danger of being knocked over or getting in the way of work. They allow business to continue as usual, but this time with a comfortably heated garage for both workers and customers.

Second, a key element of our infrared garage heaters is that they heat garages faster and more efficiently than electric heaters. And, just as importantly, they keep garages heated longer.  That’s because infrared heat works in radically different ways than electric heat. Infrared heaters warm not just the air but surrounding surfaces too- that includes chairs, tables, floors and walls. When these surfaces absorb heat, they also release it to create a reciprocal heating effect.

commercial garage heaters

A lot of shop owners hesitate before investing in their first commercial garage heaters due to concerns about fuel costs. While lower quality space heaters cost a fortune in electricity or fuel, Calcana commercial garage heaters are specifically designed for commercial use. That brings us to our third advantage: Calcana heaters are made to run for hours on end for fuel costs that total just pennies per hour.

In the end, it’s a win-win for all parties involved. It allows you and your fellow workers to concentrate on your work instead of how to stay warm, making for happier employees and satisfied customers.

Overhead Gas Patio Heaters

The Benefits of Overhead Gas Patio Heaters

Overhead gas patio heaters are becoming more and more popular each year. Compared to other types of patio heaters,they boast a number of benefits. The advantages of Patio Heater Canada’s overhead gas heaters include practicalities like efficiency and convenciences like easy installation.

Overhead Gas Patio Heaters vs. Free-Standing Heaters

First of all, overhead and wall-mounted heaters eradicate the number one dilemna with patio heaters: floor space! Whether you need a patio heater for small scale residential use or large scale commercial use, floor space is always an issue. For example, in an already crowded restaurant terrace patio heaters pose a problem for both space and safety.

Fortunately, overhead gas patio heaters offer a safe and convenient alternative to free-standing mushroom style heaters. For one thing, most mushroom style heaters require set-up and take-down. Not only does that take up time, but it can lead to potential injury as well as heater damage. Meanwhile, overhead patio heaters from Patio Heater Canada are securely installed and built to last in their outdoor environment. Just one easy installment necessary!

overhead gas patio heaters

Natural Gas vs. Electric Heaters

Patio Heater Canada’s selection of overhead heaters include both natural gas and propane heaters. While electric heaters require a nearby power outlet, gas and propane heaters don’t depend on electricity. Therefore, their location is much more flexible.

Furthermore, natural gas overhead heaters don’t require an electrical cord. That’s a huge safety advantage, especially if your heater is going to occupy an area with heavy foot traffic.

Finally, natural gas and propane heaters are celebrated for two heating fundamentals: efficiency and high output. Their clean-burning, low-cost fuel also provides heaters with the power they need to heat outdoor spaces.

Buy Overhead Gas Patio Heaters Online!

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