Propane Outdoor Heater for Patios

Improving Patios with the Best Propane Outdoor Heater Selection

Make this summer unforgettable with a propane outdoor heater from Patio Heater Canada! Our efficient outdoor heaters truly have the power to transform your home or restaurant patio.

Among our wide selection of both propane and gas heaters you’ll find a variety of sizes and heat outputs. In fact, Patio Heater Canada boasts heater sizes of 5’, 10’, 15’, and up to 20’ long! Whether you need to heat an entire outdoor restaurant or just warm up a breakfast nook, we’ve got the propane outdoor heater for you.

Patio Heater Canada proudly supplies Calcana outdoor propane heaters. Due to their high efficiency, low operation costs and proven durability, Calcana patio heaters are among the top brands of the heating industry.

Benefits of a Propane Outdoor Heater

Our propane outdoor heater selection is patent–protected to bring our customers the best heaters the market has to offer. In particular, Calcana heaters offer patent–protected infrared heating technology.

Thanks to Calcana’s cutting–edge heaters, both restaurant owners and homeowners can now access outdoor heating that works! While low–quality space heaters will heat air that blows away with the wind, infrared patio heaters use thermal energy to heat nearby people and surfaces. In other words, Calcana’s infrared patio heaters produce heat that stays around longer for an affordable price.

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For more complete information about Patio Heater USA’s infrared outdoor heater selection, please see our online shop. If you have further questions about our patio heaters, please do not hesistate to contact us via our website or phone at 800–778–6729.


Efficient Outdoor Heating with Patio Propane Heaters

Warm up your outdoor space with patio propane heaters!

Calcana patio propane heaters are among the most efficient outdoor heaters. But what makes Calcana outdoor heaters stand out from the rest?

Calcana founder John Vancak designed his outdoor heaters specifically with the restaurant industry in mind. Various restaurants approached him asking for a safe, efficient and effective outdoor heating system. As a result, Vancak developed Calcana patio heaters.

Due to their high quality, restaurant owners consider Calcana patio heaters “the best heaters you can buy.” When restaurants invest in Calcana heaters, they know they’re getting the outdoor heating industry’s best product. Our patio propane heaters are long–term investments, reducing heating costs for years to come.

patio propane heaters

Efficient and comfortable outdoor heating with Calcana patio heaters.

Also available with natural gas fuel, Calcana patio heaters provide efficient heating for outdoor restaurants. As a result, restaurants keep their patios open longer, even all year round! On average, restaurants expand their outdoor dining season by 70% with Calcana patio propane heaters.

Whether you choose our natural gas or propane patio heaters, you’re gurananteed to save. In fact, Calcana outdoor heaters save customers 40% or more on heating costs.

Don’t wait to warm up your home or restaurant with Calcana patio propane heaters! Call us at 800–778–6729 or visit our patio heaters store. Start enjoying your outdoor patio today!