Calcana Sunroom Heaters: The Efficient Heating Solution

Warm up and brighten up with Calcana sunroom heaters!

sunroom heaters

Warming up enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces.

Do you let your sunroom go dormant for part of the year? At Calcana, sunroom heaters are more convenient and cost–effective than ever.

Unfortunately, residential heating systems don’t often include sunrooms. Sunroom heating is so uncommon mainly because sunrooms are typically seen as seasonal. In some cases, homeowners might convert a back porch to a sunroom without linking it to the house’s central heat source.

As a result, homeowners everywhere are looking for alternative sunroom heating options. Thousands have already discovered the best sunroom heaters right here at Calcana! Employing the latest infrared heating technology, Calcana heaters are the safest and most effective heating option.

The Safest and Most Efficient Heaters

Since they do not emit any flames or glowing red parts, our sunroom heaters have an incredibly low clearance to combustibles ratio. That’s why they’re ceiling and wall–mountable. Even on wooden walls and ceilings!

Calcana heaters don’t just offer the highest safety standards. They’re also the most efficient infrared heaters you can buy. Customers have the freedom to choose between propane and natural gas heaters. But no matter which fuel you choose, you’ll find that they run at just pennies per hour! In fact, Calcana heaters save money in the long run because they utilize 40% less fuel than leading brands.

Thanks to Calcana sunroom heaters, there’s no need to shy away from your sunroom once cold weather hits. Create a cozy reading nook in winter, enjoy a Sunday brunch on a crisp fall morning, or make a bright play area for children. Most importantly, fully enjoy your sunroom with the comfort that comes with safe, efficient heaters.

Shop online today at to find the perfect sunroom heater model for you! For further information, please contact us or call our friendly and knowledgeable staff at 800–778–6729.