Our Patio Heaters' History

PatioHeaterCanada.com's patio heaters were designed for use on restaurant patios. Years ago, several leading restaurant owners asked us to make a better, more dependable patio heater. Their requests were clear:

  • A patio heater they had to purchase only once.
  • A reliable patio heater with low maintenance.
  • Flexibility to provide gentle, soft heat on mild days and high heat on colder days.
  • Remote control so heat levels could easily be turned up or down to accommodate the needs of their patrons at any given moment.

Their requests were met after several years of research, testing and patent applications. We were able to go beyond their requests: even heat output along the entire length of our high output series heaters, remotely controlled burners and variable input that has the ability to decrease by up to 50 percent the maximum rated output. The heat level of our patio heaters can be incrementally adjusted based on the patrons' requirements.

For improved safety, our patio heaters are unique — they produce infrared heat without glowing red parts or open flames. Energy is converted into infrared heat, not light, allowing for lower operating costs.

In addition, the absence of open flames provides a low clearance to combustibles. Our patio heaters can be installed where others can't be.

The reflector in our patio heaters is designed to efficiently capture infrared waves and direct the heat onto surrounding surfaces. Our patio heaters' stainless steel construction is green friendly and provides a fuel savings of up to 40 percent. Our patio heaters provide even heating and the ability to operate in extreme temperatures (–40°F). Our patio heaters are the best choice for outdoor areas that are difficult to heat.

In 1988, we began manufacturing gas–fired heating systems in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We began our patio heaters operations in Canada in November of 2009. The production of our patio heaters in the USA began in 2010.

5507 6th Street SE Calgary
Alberta Canada T2H 1L6
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