Patio Heaters' Specifications

Patio Heater Ratings (Input: natural gas and propane) 0-4500 ft elevation Canada and 0–2000 ft USA

Patio Heater Inputs (BTU/Hr)
Patio Heater Model Min Max Length
PH-40 20,000 40,000 10'
PH-50 25,000 50,000 15'
PH-75 37,000 75,000 20'
PH-40 (High output) 20,000 40,000 5'
PH-75 (High output) 37,000 75,000 10'


Gas Pressure at Manifold:
Natural Gas 3.5" W.C.
L.P. Gas 10.5" W.C.
Gas Connection Size 0.5" N.P.T.


Gas Inlet Pressure:
Gas Minimum Maximum
Natural 4.5" W.C. 14.0" W.C.
L.P. 11.5" W.C. 14.0" W.C.

Patio Heaters Electrical Ratings:
DSI Ignition
120v, 60 Hz, 1 amp/24 volt power supply
24 volt low voltage On/Off- Hi/Lo Modulating Control Panel

Patio Heaters Standard Equipment:
Burner control housing is preassembled and pre-wired, unit comes complete with industry standard gas, electrical, balanced air rotor, thermal overload protected motor, visual burner inspection sight glass, combustion and air proving safety switch, electronic 3-try spark ignition control, 100% safety shut-off, low voltage control connection, 4" heat treated aluminized combustion tube, aluminum standard reflector (HO models: stainless steel), tube couplers, heat economizer baffle, stainless steel hangers, decorative grille, indicator light, stainless steel burner head construction.

Patio Heaters Options:
Stainless steel over-head or side wall mounting brackets.

patio heaters CSA certification      patio heaters csa design certification

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