Standard Output

Our standard–output patio heaters are for use on decks, enclosed or semi-enclosed patios and spaces.

Our patio heaters provide a cozy warmth to indoor and outdoor spaces. With a patented design, our patio heaters transform gas–fired power into infrared waves of pleasant warmth. Our patio heaters heat surrounding surfaces — creating a consistent, even temperature you don't get with other patio heaters.

Patio heater features:

  • Heat–treated aluminized steel infrared emitters — long-lasting patio heaters
  • Sleek, sophisticated, graceful design — see our patio heaters gallery...>
  • Low clearance to combustibles — can be installed in tight spaces where other patio heaters can't
  • A modulating burner for a wide variety of incremental adjustments — ideal comfort
  • No open flames or glowing red parts — safe
  • More warmth with 40% less fuel — efficient
Outdoor Heater Propane Fuel Output 10'

CODE: 5260201


Heater Details Fuel type used: natural gas Length: 11.5' Standard output Model number: PH–40–10'... More 

Patio Heater - PH-75-20' Propane

CODE: 5260210


Our stainless steel patio heaters are patented with our unique infrared heater design, radiating safe, even warmth throughout your outdoor restaurant or gathering area. With high efficiency propane fuel, our outdoor heaters are dependable and cost-efficient.

Patio Heater PH-75-20' Gas

CODE: 5260209


Fuel: natural gas Length: 21.5'

Patio Heaters - PH-50-15' Gas

CODE: 5260206


Fuel: natural gas Length: 16.5'

Patio Heaters PH-40-10' Gas

CODE: 5260200


Fuel: gas Length: 11.5'

Patio Heaters PH-50-15' Propane

CODE: 5260205


Fuel: propane (LP) Length: 16.5'