Canada’s Best Wholesale Patio Heaters

Great Deals on Wholesale Patio Heaters!

Patio Heater Canada prides itself in offering the best prices on wholesale patio heaters. While outdoor heater retailers raise their prices to increase profits, Patio Heater Canada offers wholesale prices to all our customers.

So how do we supply the best patio heaters at such great prices? By simply eliminating the “middle man” of the market transaction.

Here’s how it works: Usually manufacturers sell their products to wholesale dealers, who in turn sell it to stores. The stores and retailers then sell the products to customers. As a result, this long line of buying and selling– all before the customer has a chance to purchase the product– creates a series of unnecessary price hikes.

Patio Heater Canada, however, sells patio heaters directly to customers. As the official supplier of Calcana outdoor heaters, we receive our patio heaters directly from the manufacturing plant and sell them directly to our customers. Therefore, customers can buy wholesale patio heaters at premium prices! No more retailers or price hikes.

wholesale patio heaters

But our wholesale patio heaters are about more than just great deals. Over time we’ve built a strong reputation among restaurants and homeowners alike. Not to mention sports complexes, garages and garden centers.

Whether our customers need commercial or residential outdoor heaters, we have the heaters they’re looking for. Our wholesale patio heaters guarantee durability and efficiency in a variety of sizes, prices and fuel types. For more about our patio heaters, see our outdoor heaters online shop or call our representatives 24/7 at 1–800–778–6729.

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